Sault Sainte Marie

Traveling to Sault Sainte Marie?

Traveling to Sault Sainte Marie is fairly simple, and getting around is almost as easy.

Traveling from the South?
This is pretty simple: Get to I-75, and head north, over the Mackinac Bridge. From there, the Soo is only a 45 minute jaunt (as of 9-21-17, fare on the Mackinac Bridge is $4 one way.)

Traveling from the West?
There are two major highways through the Upper Peninsula that will get you close to the Sault:

US-2 & 41:
US-2 & 41 has an odd, winding path through the Upper Peninsula. They split & form with other highways the further west you go. Follow them to Escanaba, then keep following US-2 until you reach St. Ignace. Turn onto I-75 and follow that north until you hit Sault Sainte Marie.

M-28 travels from Wakefield, near the extreme western end of the Upper Peninsula, all the way out east to I-75. Simply follow the road east until you get to I-75. From there turn north. The Soo is a about a 10 minute drive. Please note: There are no rest stops east of Newberry, about an hour away. There are a few small towns along the way, but no standalone rest areas, so please plan accordingly.

These instructions are obviously not detailed. We urge all travellers to use either a GPS or instructions using Google Maps.

Important Exit Information
Sault Sainte Marie has two exits:

Exit 392:
Exit 392 is where you will find easy access to our big box stores, most chain restaurants and hotels. Known as the I-75 Business Spur, this will likely be travelers first stop in Sault Sainte Marie, especially if they are spending more than a day here.

Exit 394:
Exit 394 is where the magic is. Taking a right after you exit will bring you right to campus. Another right at the light? You are at Taffy Abel Arena! You are also a short drive away from our beautiful downtown district and local haunts. We here at LHB would urge you to try out our local restaurants. If you need help picking one, feel free to drop us a line.