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25 Seasons in the Making…The Lakers are Heading Back to the NCAA Tournament!


After a very interesting game tonight, the Lakers prevailed over the NMU Wildcats to win the WCHA tournament, the Jeff Sauer Trophy, and an auto-bid into the NCAA Tournament!

Pretty much every seat that could be taken at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Sault was taken, and we all celebrated our team’s 6-3 victory.

So, what’s next? Tomorrow night over on ESPN U at 7pm Eastern we will see where the Lakers land during the selection show. These are the auto-bids, being the conference champions:

Hockey East: UMass

ECAC: St. Lawrence

NCHC: North Dakota

B1G: Minnesota

WCHA: Lake Superior State

Atlantic Hockey: American International

Currently we do not know where each team will land, who the At-Large bids are, or where anyone is going, so it ought to be exciting to see where the Lakers will travel to and who they will play in the coming weeks.

So again, a round of applause for the players, coaches and staff, and Believe in Blue!

Lakers onto WCHA Finals – All UP Finals Scheduled

Well, Hello there!

It’s been a bad year for posts here at Laker Hockey Blog. Between not able to go to games and what’s going on with the world at large, it’s been hard to find the passion to report this season. But something that happened tonight warrants a post.

With Minnesota State-Mankato being upset this afternoon by the Northern Michigan University Wildcats, and the Lakers skinning the Beavers, we will have an all UP WCHA finals slated for tomorrow night.

That’s right…

NMU Wildcats vs. LSSU Lakers for the Sauer Trophy, and an Auto Bid into the NCAA Tournament.

Should the Lakers win it, it will be the first time since the 1995-96 campaign that the team will have made the big show, and a new banner hanging in Abel Arena.

There’s still 60+ minutes of game to play tomorrow, but hopes are high that this year may be the year. But no matter what, we here at LHB and the Laker Fanbase are proud of all the players, especially considering the circumstances they’ve had to endure for the season – between COVID outbreaks and empty stands, it has to be tough.

So let’s all wish the Lakers luck tomorrow night. Game goes live on 99.5 Yes FM, both over the air and online tomorrow night at 8:07 Eastern Time.

Happy Thanksgiving, and This Weekend’s Series

Howdy everyone. First, I’d like to wish all of our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all had you fill of turkey, ham, or whatever you were able to get in your gullet.

Because this week was a busy one, and also since we literally just played Bemidji a few weeks ago, not much has really changed for the Lakers or Beavers, so there will be no normal series preview for this week. I’m also now realizing I never did a preview for the last series, ha. I do apologize for the spotty schedule, but things have been a bit hectic around here lately. Hopefully they settle down enough to get back to normal soon.

If you really want a preview, here it goes:

Lakers good. Beavers Bad. Beavers beat Lakers bad last meeting. Lakers need to get them back. Listen in on 99.5 either locally or online, or on, or bring the family with this weekend’s Black Friday special from Laker Hockey – Get up to 6 tickets for only $18!

Puck drops Friday at 7:00pm, and Saturday at 5:00pm.

Series Preview: Michigan Tech Huskies at Lake Superior State

Michigan Tech: 3-6-0

Lake Superior State: 4-8-0

Slow Start for the Huskies

The almighty Michigan Tech Huskies, who have been near the top of the standings year in and out are off to a bit of a slow start this season. After sweeping OOC opponents Robert Morris at RMU, the dogs have only won one game in the last 7 games, and that was against the then #17 Bowling Green. All the losses have been within 3 points (most of them 1 or 2).

Led behind the bench by former Laker Joe Shawhan, who is in his third season, and are captained by Raymond Brice, with Alex Smith and Seamus Donohue serving as alternates. Interesting enough, Brice has played in only 5 games for the Huskies, with 0 goals and 0 assists, but with 1 penalty.

In terms of scoring, the boys in Blue and Yellow are led by sophomore forward Alex Broetzman, who leads the team with 7 points. Following behind him is Parker Saretsky, a freshman who has 6 points, then Colin Swoyer, a sophomore defenseman with 5 points, all of them assists.

There seems to be a bit of a battle in net, with Tech playing three different ones. Senior Mat Jurusik leads with 5 games played, a 2-3-0 record, with a GAA of 2.04 and a .926 Save%. Robbie Beydoun, a junior, has appeared in 4 games, a 1-2-0 record, a 2.16 GAA and a .915 Save%. Finally, Freshman Blake Pietila has shown up in 2 games, a 0-1-0 record, GAA of 1.54 and a Save% of .923.

Choppy Seas Hinder Lakers

Some of us were wondering if maybe last years success was a fluke. Coming out of the gate a sweeping Merrimack, then playing two very close games to losses against the then #2 Denver Pioneers helped quite that crowd down a bit, since while we started the year 2-2-0, those two Denver losses were closer than the score appears to be. However, four straight losses against B1G teams brought morale down. Even the sweep of Ferris State has been hindered by the slaughtering the Lakers took against Bemidji State last weekend, being outscored 12-2.

The blue line has proved to be a bit porous, and the goaltending has been very hot and cold. Combine all this with bad turnovers and you have yourself a bad time.  Maybe it’s time to see what freshman goaltender Seth Eisele has to offer in net.

The Humitz Road-To-100-Points total is currently sitting at 87 total career points.

Puck drops at 7:00pm both Friday and Saturday nights. Listen to the game locally by tuning your dial to 99.5, or listen through TuneIn or other streaming methods. If you want to watch, but are away from town, FloHockey has all in-conference WCHA games for a nominal fee.

Lakers ranked 6th in preseason polls

The Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) today released the 2019-20 preseason media and coaches polls.  Lake Superior State was ranked 6th in both polls.

Under head coach Damon Whitten, the Lakers finished 4th overall last season after being picked to finish 7th in the Coaches Poll and 8th in the Media Poll.

Minnesota State was a unanimous selection to win the league in the Media Poll, amassing 100 points, followed by Bowling Green State with 89.  The Lakers, with 57 points, are sandwiched between Bemidji State (62 points) and Ferris State (37).

Marc Michaelis of the Mavericks was voted the Preseason Player of the Year in the Media Poll, while Nathan Smith, also of Minnesota State, was named Preseason Rookie of the Year.  Lake Superior’s Dustin Manz and Louis Boudon each received a vote for Rookie of the Year. 

While no Lakers were voted to the Media All-WCHA Team, Max Humitz and Collin Saccoman each received votes for forward and defenceman, respectively.

The Coaches Poll also had the Mavericks in first place with 90 points, the maximum a team may obtain in the poll (coaches may not vote for their own teams).  The Lakers, with 58 points, are between 5th place Michigan Tech (59 points) and Alaska (39).

As in the Media Poll, Michaelis and Smith were voted Preseason Player and Rookie of the Year, respectively.  Again, no Lakers were included on the Preseason All-WCHA Team, but Humitz and Saccoman did each receive a vote.

This year, the media poll was restricted to just 10 entities, with one from each locale, down from the 13 who participated last season.

2019-20 Mankato Free Press WCHA Preseason Coaches’ Poll
Rank      Team (1st Place Votes)   Points

  1.           Minnesota State (9)              90
  2.           Bowling Green (1)                   82
3.           Bemidji State                           63
4.           Northern Michigan                 61
5.           Michigan Tech                        59
  6.           Lake Superior State              58
7.           Alaska                                        39
  8.           Ferris State                              38
  9.           Alabama Huntsville               30
10.           Alaska Anchorage                 20

Coaches could not vote for their own teams. Based on a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2 scale.

2019-20 WCHA Preseason Media Poll
Rank      Team (1st Place Votes)  Points

   1.           Minnesota State (10)           100
  2.           Bowling Green                        89
  3.           Northern Michigan                72
  4.           Michigan Tech                        68
  5.           Bemidji State                          62
  6.           Lake Superior State              57
  7.           Ferris State                              37
  8.           Alaska                                        27
  9.           Alabama Huntsville               26
10.           Alaska Anchorage                 12

Predicted order of finish. Based on a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale.

The complete poll may be found at the WCHA’s website:

2018-2019 Site Updates, and state of the Site.

Well, Laker Faithful, it’s been just over two years since we started this humble site. This summer has been a bit slow on the posting front, but there’s been a lot going on. With fall just around the corner, and that also means Laker hockey, expect more content in the weeks and months to come.

Some quick updates: The roster has been updated, as has the schedule for the year.

So, onto the stats. For any that I am not able to drill directly into, filtered by the year, I will be using a rough number based on the data from last year’s post. Some numbers may be off, as some posts were in 2018, and some into 2019.


Total Posts & Words:

2017 & 2018 produced a total of 94. With 142 total published pages, 2019 had 48 total posts.

Articles written in 2017 had a total of 23,793 total words with 506 average words per article.

Posts made in 2019 alone had a total of 10,420 words, with 521 average words per article.

Unique Visitors and Views:

Since last year’s post, we have had 2,118 unique clicks on the site, totaling 3,566 views.

Best Single Day:

7/29/2019 was the best day for Laker Hockey Blog, where we had 197 visitors, the most so far. This was likely due to the post I made concerning drinking and driving. The article was admit-tingly self-serving, but I do hope it effected someone in the right way.

Top 3 Posts:

Home Page

PSA: Don’t Drink and Drive, and Birthday Wishes

Series Preview: Barrett Wedding

Top Referrals:

Search Engines (944)

Facebook (885)

Twitter (152)

Known Search Terms:

(Now this one is kind of fun. It seems to be a list of some of the known terms that were used on search engines in order to get to the blog.

“matt bruneatu” (3)

what end do the lssu laker’s shoot on in the 1st and 3rd periods of home games (1)

superior state 2019-2020 hockey exhibition games (1)

Countries Reached (more than 10 viewers)










Hong Kong

So, some areas aren’t as indepth as last years, but that’s just because it’s either tedious, or not really needed.

I am proud of the fact that we continue to attract more readers from outside of North America. Yes, the United States and Canada are our primary visitors, but we had a large uptick in Latvian, Swedish and Slovakian readers. Japan remained steady, as one would expect, and for some reason we had a handful of readers near the start of the season from Hong Kong. This will continue to be a priority going forward. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this, please reach out to us, either on social media or email.

I’m sure this sounds like a broken record, but I personally hope that we will be able to flesh this site out more into what I dream it will someday be: A place that Laker fans can go to to find out dang near anything they’d want to know about the team and it’s history, but that will be tough work.

The season is only a few short weeks away. Personally, I will be missing the first weekend series against Merrimack, but I’ll be in my Blue & Gold when the Lakers take on Denver during Great Lake State Weekend.

Have a safe end of your summer, and start of fall. We will see you in Abel Arena soon enough. Go Lakers!

PSA: Don’t Drink and Drive, and Birthday Wishes

First, I would like to apologize for the lack of content during this summer. It’s been relatively quiet on the Laker front, but that will be changing as August starts and students start to return to campus.

But what I have for you today doesn’t have any direct ties to the Lakers or hockey in general, but it’s nonetheless important. And if you haven’t figured out what it is by reading the headline, well, here you go:

Don’t drink and drive.

It’s a message that we hear on the radio, see on TV…if you look hard enough, you’ll see it. While it seems obvious to some, and most people think they never will, that’s while they are sober, but we need people to remember when they are inebriated. But how?

Side note: While our demographic on this site seems to be ‘older’ Laker fans, hopefully this will reach some students, and they will keep this in the back of their minds too.

Well, what if I gave a real world example of the effects of drunk driving? Because I’ve got one.


Let me introduce you to my Uncle Ed. He was a Detroit Lions fan, a biker, a son, a husband and a father. He was also a veteran, having been enlisted in the U.S Navy from November 1987-November 1991.

He was someone I looked up to. The guy just oozed cool to me. Growing up, I spent a lot of time around him, and I learned a lot. When my parents were building the house that I grew up in, we shared a room for a period of time and we would talk a lot. He’d never talk down to me; that I can remember anyways.

In July of 1999, he got the call that his country needed him again. The evening of July 24th, 1999 he rode his motorcycle up to K.I Sawyer from Gladstone, MI to pick up his papers. But on a lonely stretch of M-35, everything came to a halt.

Why? Because someone decided to drink all day and drive. Someone who, even after almost hitting another individual earlier on the day, continued to drink, and ended up driving his truck head on with a motorcycle.

And that was it. All the was left were tears and a trial.

On July 24th, 1999 a wife was widowed, a 3 year old and a 3 month old were left without a father, a mother lost a son; sisters: a brother. Nieces and Nephews were left without an uncle, close friendships ended…ultimately all because one man decided to drink and drive.

I’ve talked to people who have actually laughed at the fact that someone they know, say a son, was caught driving under the influence, like it’s no big deal. But it is. You’re not just taking your own life in your hands, but literally any- and everyone between your point A and B.

Call a parent, a friend. Call an Uber or Lyft if they are available in your area, or a taxi if you’re in a small town. If you’re feeling tempted to drive and you know you shouldn’t, just throw your keys away or something: getting new keys is way cheaper than a life.

If you’re with someone who is about to drive drunk, do everything in your power to stop them. If you cannot, call 911, report the car & licence plate to the authorities so they can get them off the road. The fallout will likely be rough, but imagine you just letting them go off, then finding out they killed someone. I don’t think I could shoulder knowing I could’ve prevented that.

Here are some stats for you:

Now, some may be wondering why I’m doing this now and not before this since I’ve had this platform for almost 2 years now. Well we buried my uncle on what would’ve been his 30th birthday…July 29th, 1999. Today would’ve been his 50th birthday. I’d like to think if his story stops even 1 individual from getting behind the wheel and driving drunk, then I think that’s a good a birthday gift as any.

Thank You.

Series Preview: #18 Lake Superior State at Northern Michigan

#18 Lake Superior State: 20-8-2

Northern Michigan: 15-14-2

Father Cappo’s Cup Part Deux

This is the second part of the annual Cappo Cup series between Northern Michigan and LSSU. Going into this series, hosted in Marquette, the series is tied 1-1, with a +1-goal differential going to LSSU.

This year’s Wildcat team has gotten a lot of help from their blue line in scoring, as their top scorer is junior defenseman Philip Beaulieu, who in 30 games has amassed 5 goals and 23 assists for 28 points. Close behind him is senior Troy Loggins (15g 12a for 27tp) then by Adam Rockwood, another senior forward with 5 goals, 16 assists and 21 points.

The net has been owned by the excellent senior Finnish netminder Atte Tolvanen, who has played in every game this season, earning their 15-14-2 record, with a 2.31 GAA and .915 Save%. Freshman backup Nolan Kent has appeared in 2 games, but looks like mostly in relief as no wins or losses are attributed to him.

After last year’s run, this year has certainly been a disappointment to Wildcat fans, and there are certainly some questions concerning the future progress of the team, especially in net. Tolvanen has played very well in spite of some of the play in front of him over the years, even managing to score a goal this season. With the workhorse leaving after this season, I hope for the sake of their fans they have another workhorse or two coming in next season.

Cappo Cup 2: Electric Boogaloo

What can be said about this team that hasn’t already been said across the College Hockey world this last week? I’ll for sure be doing a writeup at some point as a retrospective on the season, but needless to say it’s been one for the ages. I can’t imagine what this year must be like for longtime fans, who’ve seen some of the worst seasons the Lakers have had.

This year, though, has been a dream. Another dream may be realized over the next few weeks: another 100 point scorer. That player is Diego Cuglietta, who has a total of 93 points heading into this weekend. (34 senior, 23 junior, 25 sophomore,11 freshman). After him looks to be Max Humitz, who has 73 points, of course he should be hitting it next season. Tied with Humitz, for this season’s point total, is Anthony Nellis with 30 points.

Kossoff again owns the net, though Mitens did post a huge win Friday night against rival Michigan Tech. It’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen in net over the weekend, and I’ve been wrong almost every time I’ve guessed this season, so use your imagination.

Puck drops both Friday and Saturday at 7:07 at the Berry Events Center in Marquette, MI. In the Soo, the game will be broadcast on 99.5 YESFm, and can be heard online at and on the TuneIn App. will also have the video for the game.

Happy Thanksgiving

I realize that we have a lot of readers on here who are not American, but to those that are, I would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving.


To those that are outside of the States, I hope all is well with you and yours, and that you have a fantastic finish to the week.

Playoff scenarios entering final series against Bulldogs

The final two games of the regular season are here and the Lakers are still in a fight for the playoffs.

Coming out of this past weekend, the standings in the 6 thru 9 slots in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) are as follows:

6 (tie) Alabama Huntsville and Alaska – 30 points
8 – Ferris State – 28 points
9 – Lake Superior State – 27 points

Last weekend, the Lakers and Chargers had byes, while Ferris State was swept by Minnesota State and Alaska claimed one point against Bemidji State.  In other words, the Lakers’ bye could hardly have gone better.

While it is entirely possible that Lake Superior could propel itself as high as 6th place after this weekend, the chance that their season ends down at Ewigleben Ice Arena is still in play.

The fact that LSSU and Ferris State play each other is huge.  A sweep by either team will ensure the winner qualifies while the loser stays home.  

Below is an analysis of what will become of Lake Superior given the seven possible point outcomes of this weekend:

0, 1 or 2 points – Lake State finishes with either 27, 28 or 29 points and fails to qualify for the postseason.  Since their opponent is the team directly ahead of them in the standings, failing to take at least half of the points guarantees they will place behind the Bulldogs and not overtake either UAH or UAF.

4, 5, or 6 points – Lake State finishes with either 31, 32 or 33 points, eliminating Ferris State from playoff contention.  4 points on the weekend ensures that the Bulldogs cannot earn more than 30, edging the Lakers past FSU.  Where exactly the Lakers sit in the standings after this is dependent on what happens with UAH and Alaska.  The Chargers host Bowling Green (who will finish either 2nd or 3rd) while the Nanooks play Alaska Anchorage (who will miss the WCHA postseason for the the fourth straight year).

3 points – Earning exactly three points is a dangerous situation.  This will give the Lakers 30 points, while Ferris State will have 31.  Whether the Lakers make the playoffs or not will depend on the results of the previously mentioned games.  Should a three-way tie exist, the WCHA tiebreakers will come into effect.

  • Tiebreaker A – This tiebreaker is only used if all teams have played 4 games against each other.  This is not the case, as LSSU, UAH and UAF all have played each other twice.
  • Tiebreaker B – This one says the teams are seeded in order of the highest number of conference wins.  Currently, UAH and UAF have 9 wins, while LSSU has 8.  In order for a tie to happen at all, UAH & UAF must lose both of their games.  If LSSU earns 3 points from a win, then there is a tie at this tiebreaker.  Should the Lakers get 2 points from a shootout win and 1 from a shootout loss, the Lakers would be eliminated.
  • Tiebreaker C – This tiebreaker seeds teams in order of fewest league losses.  If UAF and UAH both get swept, they would both have 17 losses.  Given that the only way for this tiebreaker to matter is for the Lakers to have a series split, the Lakers would have 16 losses, putting them ahead of both teams.

For those unfamiliar with the WCHA’s tiebreakers, which go all the way to G (a coin toss), they may be found here: