2018-2019 Site Updates, and state of the Site.

Well, Laker Faithful, it’s been just over two years since we started this humble site. This summer has been a bit slow on the posting front, but there’s been a lot going on. With fall just around the corner, and that also means Laker hockey, expect more content in the weeks and months to come.

Some quick updates: The roster has been updated, as has the schedule for the year.

So, onto the stats. For any that I am not able to drill directly into, filtered by the year, I will be using a rough number based on the data from last year’s post. Some numbers may be off, as some posts were in 2018, and some into 2019.


Total Posts & Words:

2017 & 2018 produced a total of 94. With 142 total published pages, 2019 had 48 total posts.

Articles written in 2017 had a total of 23,793 total words with 506 average words per article.

Posts made in 2019 alone had a total of 10,420 words, with 521 average words per article.

Unique Visitors and Views:

Since last year’s post, we have had 2,118 unique clicks on the site, totaling 3,566 views.

Best Single Day:

7/29/2019 was the best day for Laker Hockey Blog, where we had 197 visitors, the most so far. This was likely due to the post I made concerning drinking and driving. The article was admit-tingly self-serving, but I do hope it effected someone in the right way.

Top 3 Posts:

Home Page

PSA: Don’t Drink and Drive, and Birthday Wishes

Series Preview: Barrett Wedding

Top Referrals:

Search Engines (944)

Facebook (885)

Twitter (152)

Known Search Terms:

(Now this one is kind of fun. It seems to be a list of some of the known terms that were used on search engines in order to get to the blog.

“matt bruneatu” (3)

what end do the lssu laker’s shoot on in the 1st and 3rd periods of home games (1)

superior state 2019-2020 hockey exhibition games (1)

Countries Reached (more than 10 viewers)










Hong Kong

So, some areas aren’t as indepth as last years, but that’s just because it’s either tedious, or not really needed.

I am proud of the fact that we continue to attract more readers from outside of North America. Yes, the United States and Canada are our primary visitors, but we had a large uptick in Latvian, Swedish and Slovakian readers. Japan remained steady, as one would expect, and for some reason we had a handful of readers near the start of the season from Hong Kong. This will continue to be a priority going forward. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this, please reach out to us, either on social media or email.

I’m sure this sounds like a broken record, but I personally hope that we will be able to flesh this site out more into what I dream it will someday be: A place that Laker fans can go to to find out dang near anything they’d want to know about the team and it’s history, but that will be tough work.

The season is only a few short weeks away. Personally, I will be missing the first weekend series against Merrimack, but I’ll be in my Blue & Gold when the Lakers take on Denver during Great Lake State Weekend.

Have a safe end of your summer, and start of fall. We will see you in Abel Arena soon enough. Go Lakers!