The Best College Hockey Tradition Around!

As any Laker fan could tell you, one of the best and most special traditions that the Lake Superior State University Laker Hockey Team holds is that of the ringing of the Victory Bell. After each home game win, the boys run out of the Norris Center, gear and all (sans skates) through a tunnel of cheering fans and out to the Frank and Gladys Hoholik Victory Bell (see history under the Abel Arena page). Led by the player voted by their team as MVP of the game, each player takes their turn tolling the infamous Victory Bell. It’s a tradition unique to Lake State and one which every fan should get the opportunity to experience during their lifetime. Rain, snow, sunshine or bitter cold, this tradition is a great way for the team to celebrate their win with the fans. Ever heard the term “Ringy Dingy” used around the rink? That term originated around this tradition as longtime equipment manager and Laker Hockey fan Gil Somes used the term to wish the boys luck as they took the ice every game, reminding them of the goal to win the game so they could ring the bell. A plaque commemorating Somes and his now famous phrase was placed on the northern end of the Laker’s bench following Somes’ death in 2015.

See attached video for a unique daylight view of the ringing of the victory bell.